We’ll See

Not going to lie to you, adulting is hard.

And it think it’s hardest because I’m not an adult yet. I’m still a child, but I’ve been forced to grow up sooner than anyone else. Legally, I’m a minor. Physically, I’m a child. Mentally, I’ve been an adult since I was ten. And now I’m even living a somewhat adult life.

What defines an adult life?

Waking up and knowing you have to make breakfast. Knowing that your to-do list is longer than you want to believe, and everything on there has someone relying on you.

Blogging took the back burner as I’ve started working way more than I ever have in my life. I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity, and for the people that I work with, but it has been hard. Exhaustion is a real thing, it’s not something that only comes from depression. It actually comes from being happy.

I don’t want to say I’m done with this blog. It would be like forcing closed a chapter that I’m not sure if it’s ready to be closed.

But I do know that blogging isn’t my top priority, or the thing I wake up to in the morning and feel as if it must be done.

So here I am, unsure how to continue.

It’s been so quiet for so long in the comment section, that half of me doesn’t believe anyone reads these posts to begin with. So we’ll see.

We’ll see how often I post, and if I post at all. We’ll see what the Lord puts on my heart and where he asks me to share it.

We’ll just see.


22 thoughts on “We’ll See

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Amie, I get so excited when you post! I am always so giddy when I get an Update email from you. I’m pretty sure I speak for all 648 people that we love it when you post: a YouTube video with your siblings, a poetic blog post, or an email filled with exiting updates. We love these little windows looking into your imperfect life that God seamlessly picks up time and again. Not only that, we love this physical child who has mentally been a adult for years, we love the song you sing. The song of hope, witch is actually a battle cry, the battle cry for all of us. When one sings we all sing.
    Thank you Amie.
    We love you.❤️

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  2. Hattush says:

    Aw, Amie, I hope you don’t end this blog. I’ve loved it ever since you first told me about it. I would seriously check it every day, multiple times a day, and wait eagerly for your posts (before I realized they could be delivered to my email, lol). You were a huge inspiration for starting my own blog.
    I understand, though, that life is crazy. ❤ Whatever you do, I want you to know that your blog, your honesty, and your willingness to talk about hard subjects is really wonderful and I admire it. And you. 🙂

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  3. SBAFCEO 1 says:

    Your post really resonated with me today. I’m going through a similar thing because I’m going off to college in the Fall at age 16.
    Thanks for blessing my life.

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  4. Callie says:

    Hey Amie! ❤
    Yes– adulting is hard.
    Work is tough. Relationships are rough. Life is a continuous journey of both mountains & valleys.
    Do NOT get discouraged, though, when things seem to be very unstable, hectic or uncontrollable– because we serve a God who is MORE than enough and is big enough to handle all of the stress, business & never-ending "what ifs." Scripture is truth– and this is what it says:
    "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." {Romans 8:28}
    Totally being brutally honest here– recently I have really struggled with believing that. My grandmother is in very bad health right now, and because she needs around the clock care, half of my family is living in another part of the state for 2-3 weeks at a time while the other half of us are just trying to survive back at home– I'm keeping house, working, taking my younger brother to his new job when necessity calls, planning out grocery-shopping, gardening, trying to complete college work at home…all while trying to keep my focus on glorifying Him in all I do. And I fail. Miserably. Like, A LOT.
    So, I totally understand your battle. This phase can be rough!
    But it can also be absolutely beautiful. God can use these moments of joy, sadness, anxiety, wonder, you name it– all to develop you into a more Christ-like person to both minister to others & glorify Himself ❤
    I'm so glad you are thankful for your work! That is such a good thing.
    And you know, as I mentioned earlier, life comes in phases akin to mountains & valleys. Sometimes you have ample time to dedicate toward blogging, and other times the opportunities to invest in it are rather scant & hard to come by.
    But you know what? There are still people who read. There are still people whose lives you are meant to touch. There are still people who dabble in poetry and scribble out heartfelt attempts at stories and blog posts etc. There are people who care! 🙂
    Even if it's months in between blog posts, it is something. ❤ Even if it's random– it's something. Even if it's just an epiphany that strikes you last minute one day, and you want to share it– it's something. And if you don't? That's okay. No one is going to judge or hold expectations, because you've shared with us up front what's going on…so we understand ❤ Your worth doesn't depend on how much you blog, how much adulting you can handle at the time, or anything else– your worth is in Jesus Christ! ❤ Don't ever let that slip away, no matter what happens ❤
    So. I apologize, once again, for the utter randomness & length of this comment…I just wanted to share some things with you that hopefully encourage you ❤ Jesus is still King, and is your unchanging Rock when your heart is overwhelmed. Just pray. Pray hard, pray short, pray long. Talk to Him & trust Him– and He'll lead you and show you what He wants you to do ❤ Just trust Him! ❤
    You're doing great, Amie! Keep fighting the good fight!
    Much love in Christ,

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  5. Allison says:

    I’m so glad you’re finding out exhaustion can come from happiness as well as sadness, but… I’m still sorry you have to be exhausted. :/ That’s no fun. I totally understand putting blogging on the back burner for now, but I’m glad you’re not closing it down completely because that would be sad! Best wishes for your work, dear. Adulting is, indeed, hard, but I think you’re doing a pretty great job. 😉

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  6. joybutterfly says:

    I second pretty much everything everyone before me said.
    We want more but it really is whatever’s doable and best for you right now. I understand what it is to be busy and have to let go of things that you may want to hold on to but can’t.
    And then yeah, pretty much what Kaitlyn up there said. She’s right. ❤️


  7. j says:

    “It’s been so quiet for so long in the comment section, that half of me doesn’t believe anyone reads these posts to begin with. ”

    and when i tell you that came for me

    gah. it’s very weird being alive. and weird being young. and weird existing in a digital space like this where interaction is make or break and the one thing we struggle to do the most.

    i hope the countdown to reaching majority gets easier, friend. and i hope you wake up wanting to be awake. and i hope if you move on, it only gets better.

    (also i am so sorry yell at me if i don’t respond to you this week or something)

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    1. Amie says:

      (I will yell at you, my friend. A nice yelling.)

      I agree. The world we live in is strange, and the aging never stops and the changing continues to go around and around. Sometimes I wish I just had cement to keep me in place.

      Keep being amazing, Jo.


  8. Esmeralda @ Lattes & Literature says:

    Hey Amie!
    To join the chorus of other voices, I always enjoy reading your posts and hearing your thoughts, I must admit to being terrible about commenting, but your posts always resonant with me.
    I understand the difficulties of adulting in a way, I have been taking on more and more of the household responsibility for my family over the past couple months (my mom is nine months pregnant and still working on our farm) and it is a lot to juggle at times.
    I hope that you have a wonderful late spring and summer and are able to have time to do the things that you love.
    I’ll looking forward to the next time that you drop by with a new post, whenever that may be.

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