When the Shutter Snaps

Welcome back to Crazy A. I’m your host, Amie, and today we will be viewing some photographic endeavors. You see, this is kinda hard, because for the past three weeks, it has been the usual winter rains, where there’s flooding, and all it does is rain. Rain. Rain.

And that, my dear friends, is not conducive to photography.

But regardless, I have done some photography, and so you get to see my efforts. Rain has made me focus more on indoor photography, which is honestly good for my skills.


So, I was given this beautiful bouquet and after…four weeks? It’s finally perished. *sniffles* Mostly, perished. Only the daisies and the greenery are still alive.

But I love bouquets. My mom is very anti-bouquets, saying that it’s ridiculous to spend money on something that just dies, but to me…I don’t know. They’re beautiful to photograph, and often times they smell good, and I just love them.


This bouquet had all of my favorite flowers. *insert heart eyes* Daisies, lilies, roses, hydrangeas, and little purple flowers that reminded me of lavender. I just loved it.

And I love the people who sent it. ❤


So. Star is one of my favorite things to take pictures of. 😂 She just has so many cute poses. (It’s so cold here today, so at the moment, she’s underneath a blanket.) I’m constantly telling her, “Hang on, let me grab my camera. DON’T MOVE.”

I’m not sure she understands me, but whatever.


See? 😍 SHE’S SO CUTE. I put my jacket around her because she was cold, the poor little pupster. And then she just looked SO VERY CUTE.


So I’ve suddenly had this obsession of taking pictures that don’t look like me, that are technically of me. XD (See this post.)

I created a pretty hilarious YouTube video (In my opinion) and for that video, I dressed up and did my makeup REALLY differently than I’ve ever done before. So it was time for a photoshoot of myself, looking unlike myself. XD


I was so proud of this look, because it looks so different. This is NOT what Amie usually looks like. But it was fun to do, though my sister and I both agreed, this isn’t a smiling look. Regardless, I took a picture of me smiling. 😂


It’s fun to experiment with styles, looks, and different types of lighting. I like how these pictures as slightly backlit. *nods*


I have been spending wayyyyy to much time at our eye doctor, so I finally brought along my camera, and asked to take pictures. They quickly agreed, giving me permission to go all over the shop and get pictures. I didn’t particularly want to go to the back, but I did get some fun pictures!


Glasses are just so pretty.


The displays they have are amazing. The whole shop is this rustic, and yet modern vibe which is so attractive and cozy. in other words, it looks just like I want my future house to look like. 😂


Eep, I love my eye doctor’s place. XD


We shall end this post here. Which one was your favorite photo? What have you done this week? Are you tired of winter?


When All Else Fails…

Hi, folks.

Welcome back to my side of the web, and today I am welcoming you to 2020.

Goodness, there have been SO MANY posts about 2020 that I shan’t talk about it too much. I only want to remind you that at the bottom of the post, I shall explain Amie quote of the year again, because goodness, it’s that time of year again!

I do hope you like the title of this post. It was…creative. XD

But today is a photography post, since I have just recently realized that I haven’t shown any of you my photography in months, so here we shall start. Let’s get into the post!


During the fall, I went outside, with the intention to take pictures of the leaves. I personally love photography that has a simple pop of color, and so when I saw this little leaf in a sea of brown, I had to take a picture.


My favorite leaf color is red, so I basically only took pictures of red leaves. 😂 This year, the leaves also stayed green for a really long time, and then it froze, so the leaves just turned…brown and floppy really fast instead of bright colors.


Again, the red popping out from the green. I love holly bushes, and when I was younger, I would pick all the berries, put them out in the sun, “dry” them, and try to keep them in glass jars so I could have them when we played outside.


I’m not sure I’m happy with that picture in the least. But it’s kinda intriguing as well…


ORANGE LEAVES! *throws them up in the air* BLUE SKY! *stares at it in wonder*


I usually dislike taking pictures of yellow flowers because they’re too hard. 😂 But I managed to take a decent picture of these.


We had a bouquet of flowers, and one of my obsessions with bouquets is taking pictures of myself with the flowers. It can be really hard, but that makes the pictures much more satisfying when they turn out right.


Star also had to have a picture with the bouquet. 😉


And one day I walked into the bedroom, and Angel, the cat, was lying on the bed, and I just had to take pictures.


And then I took this dramatic picture of Rose on Thanksgiving. She wouldn’t let me take a picture of her face, so I just snuck up and took this picture. XD


Star can be very lazy at times. 😂 She’s a very scheduled dog, and takes her nap times seriously.


When you go to the city near where you live, and the sky is prettier than the garden you’re visiting. 😂


A few days ago, it was extremely foggy and drizzly, so I decided I wanted to do a photoshoot outside. I hurried to get ready, but AS SOON AS I GOT OUTSIDE, it started pouring on me.

So, I decided to make a very gloomy and creepy photoshoot instead.


The focus really hates me. And  even when my sister came to help, it still just…didn’t. XD


It’s funny how when you manipulate light and facial expressions, it changes how people view your age. At least, that’s what my friend told me. 😂


See? The focus was just not my friend. *scowls at my camera*


But it liked the candle, so… *shrugs*

BUT now we have come to the important part. The Amie Quote of the Year. If you haven’t seen my past two, check out the About Me page, and scroll down. Basically you guys nominate your favorite quote of mine in the comments.

The only rule? It had to be written in 2019.

So please comment down below your favorite quotes! Once they’re nominated, there will be a poll where YOU can choose your favorite. And then I shall reveal the winner. 😉 Sounds fun, right? So comment your quotes down below!


Birthday Haul ~2019~

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM

In my last post, I inquired if y’all would enjoy a birthday haul, and the votes were unanimously in favor of that venture, and so today I’m here with that post.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not putting this up to show how much I was blessed with.  I typically enjoy these kinds of posts, and I thought you would as well.  I’m not trying to brag.

So, let’s dive into this post!


To start with, my older brother gave me a knife, which I REALLY wanted, and was very happy to receive.  Honestly, it’s a very handy tool, especially when you’re gardening or something like that.


My two really good friends bought me this book for my birthday.  As you can see, it’s already been well loved.  *coughs* I wasn’t the one that did that, though.  My siblings borrowed the book, and it came back looking like we’d had it for two years.  😐


My other really good friend got me this book, and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  THE FEELS.  *tries to keep from sniffling* It’s SO GOOD.  I spent a whole day out of our vacation reading it.  It was one of those books that was so good that I had to put it down or else I would start crying.  Totally recommend it. 😉



The same friend also gave me these nail things, which I haven’t used yet.  They kinda confuse me, you know?  But I’ll figure out the there’s eight fingers, and how they work soon enough.


My sweet friend Allison sent me this package full of bunny stuff!  I was thrilled to see the envelopes, which have literally been in my Etsy cart since they were released, and bunny Washi tape!  Also, Snowball enjoys his little crackers greatly, though the rice puffs he doesn’t like.  I gave one to Star, and she ate it…So they might be her treats.  😂


Because I love the Washi tape so much, I had to do a close up picture of it all by itself.  It’s even cuter on an envelope.  AH!!! and the bunnies hopping on it are ADORABLE.  It’s so cute.  ❤


And then my friend Megan gave me one of her penpal kits, some hello Washi tape, and cow socks!  THE SOCK ARE SO CUTE.  I was beyond happy to see them, as well as the penpal kit.  I’ve also had one of the kits in my cart for awhile.  😂


Because Megan’s penpal kits are so amazing, I decided to spread it all out and take a picture of every included in the kit.  It’s SO worth the money, so you should check out her Etsy shop here.


And my brother also gave me this book, since I love poems and songs, and I love the Civil war.  I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll read it soon.


My little sister gave me this book, and again, I haven’t read it, so I don’t have much to say on it. 😉


I received this sketch book from one of my younger sisters, and I can’t wait to start using it!  I don’t have a sketch book at the moment, so it was wonderful to receive one.


My other sisters gave me a lot of stationary and cards to color, which I use and I enjoy doing.  Dayspring has the best cards and stuff EVER.  (In my humble opinion.)


And then my dear friend Elizabeth sent me this really neat coloring book, full of horses!  It’s very neat, and it’s color by numbers. (Wow, the title actually said that, Amie.)


And then my really sweet friend, Hannah, sent me these AWESOME gel pens, LOTS AND LOTS of tea, and then she also gave me one of Erin Paine’s album.


*rubs hands together in excitement* And this beauty is what Aria sent me for my birthday.  It’s full of makeup, which was exciting and surprising for this person here.  I’ve never ever dabbled with makeup, but for awhile I’ve wanted to, so yeah.


IT’S SO PWETTY!  I just like staring at the colors of the bottles, honestly.  I’m still figuring it out on my face, but yeah.  It’s lots of fun, and I’m so thankful for it!


And then my friend, Laura, sent me an awesome coffee cup that says, “I write, what’s your super power?” The funny story behind it is that it came straight from the company, and so I didn’t know who it was from.  It’s kinda neat to get mysterious packages, you know?  But I asked Laura, and it turned out to be from her. ❤

I did receive a few other things, but I didn’t feel like taking pictures of them.  😂 Wow, I just clicked emojis, and I didn’t have to choose which one I wanted!  The one that I always use came up first.

ANYWAY, thanks for sticking around and looking at this stuff.  And thanks to everyone that sent me birthday wishes!


Look Out Mountain Photography

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PMToday I’m going to be taking you to a place that should be known all over the world for it’s beauty.  Wait, you’re asking me where that is?  Well, my amigo, it ’tis Look Out Mountain.  My family and I went on a delightful trip, and I brought my trusty camera along.  Today I shall bring you along with me and relive my adventures.

In other words, today you shall have to marvel at my photography and grin as I relate adventures.


When we first arrived at the cabin where we stayed, I decided to go exploring.  This was the only time I went trailblazing, because I am not fond of ticks or poison ivy.  They had this lovely bench overlooking the view, and I spent much of my time writing, reading, and thinking here.


I scrambled down this area that I was terribly afraid I would fall and roll down, and ended up coming to this very large rock.  The rock had an even better view than the bench, and so I took a few pictures.


Also, I could not refrain from taking a picture of my trusty boots.  I don’t know where I would be today without them.  😂  Unfortunately, cowboy boots don’t have any traction…So yeah.  But I like them anyway.


It had rained the day before, and this moss was so lush.  In fact, I sat on it, and became rather wet.  😐 But it was pretty, and fun to run my hand over it.


I found this spider, and when I saw the sunshine hitting it’s web, I was pulling out my camera as fast as I could.  It took a few tries, and I’m still not half happy with this little fella, but it is what it is.


I’ve been trying to work on my photography skills, so I made my brother sit for me.  This was before my personality affected him.


For some reason I do this to people.  *shakes head* Anyway, he was pretty good for a few minutes.  Maybe I should learn not to crack jokes when I’m taking pictures. 😉


So then I got my little sister to pose for me.  She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, so of course, it’s only natural that I make her pose for me.  She did so many cute things, like falling into the flowers, dancing, and just saying the sweetest things.


Her eyes kill me every time.  Maybe I’m a bit biased, but still.  ❤ ❤ ❤


And then Star was just sitting there next to me, trying to catch up on all the sleep I’ve deprived her of.  😂 She’s not as high-energy as her owner.  Which is probably good for me, since I sometimes forget about her…


❤ ❤ ❤


There were so many little yellow flowers and daisies blooming, which makes me so happy.  I honestly prefer weeds to orchids and roses.  The idea of picking them and hanging out with my youngest two sisters is what I call happiness.


And we managed to take a family picture!  With most people smiling…Star makes me laugh ever time.  Her face seems to scream, “HELP ME!” 😂


I can never sleep long when I’m away from home.  It isn’t until eleven that I actually drift off, and I’m up by six, wondering where I am.  So?  Take pictures of the sunrise, right?  I was so sleepy (not a morning person, folks!) that I lost my lens cover.  Thankfully, we found it in the bushes later that day.


The haze, y’all.  😍


The color of this picture makes me what to hold my breath.  The sun was just coming over the ridge, and ahhhhhhh!! The beauty!


Next we went to Look Out national park or something, where the mountain overlooks Chattanooga, and ahhhhhh!  AGAIN, THE BEAUTY!


The airplanes ruin some of the best photographs ever. :\


Like usual at Civil War battle fields, they had a lot of model cannons.  They’re so teeny, honestly.  (Well, says the person that has to acknowledge to everyone that she’s tall.)


The Tennessee River is beautiful, and all the trees, and AHHHHHHHH! *my brain can’t handle it*  I was literally gasping every time I turned around.  Rose kept telling me to calm down.  😂


This was before I read a sign that said you aren’t supposed to climb on the rocks.  I made Rose climb up so I could take her picture. 😉


I’m so proud of this picture!  Honestly, everyone is AMAZING.


Here’s the picture Rose took of me on the same rock. 😉


We passed this kind of Sassafras or something, and it smelled out of this word, honestly.  And so I had to take a picture. 😉


I love dandelions.  I picked so many and cast so many wishes. 😉 And I think all of them were more than fulfilled.


I love the color of the cannon. ❤


The dogwoods were blooming, and the lighting made me hyperventilate.  Not really, but I was so close.  I think I jumped up and down.  Without Rose next to me, I would be in trouble.  She’s always like, “Calm down.”  And I’m like, “BUT LOOK AT THE FLOWERS!  THE LIGHTING!  AHH!”




And then the next day we went on a long walk in the early morning, so I could get the morning light.


I’ll be honest.  I feel 100% in love with this mountain, and with everything around it.


Like I said, I love weeds.


There’s something that makes me so happy with old bird houses and blue skies.


And then our trip was over.  The beauty seemed a world away, but I had some of it in my camera, and the rest of it went into my heart.

I hope you enjoyed this photo dump.  Comment below if you want me to do a birthday haul or not.  I’m undecided.

EDIT: I forgot to put this in here before.  Heheh,  Anyway, I have two good friends that have their birthdays coming up, and they’re trying to reach 100 subscribers before then.  First, we have Garrett, who blogs at Sovereign Swag.  (AH, my favorite Christian blog at the moment!) And next we have Noah, who blog at in Kyoto, which is so interesting.  So go follow this two!



Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM

A friend once said that my greeting is a bit on the odd side.  *thinks about it* Maybe, but I hope that I’m greeting humans.  And I think it looks cool, LOL.  Anyway, today I am going to be doing a photography post.  I haven’t done a real photography haul since October, when my dear Pixie died a slow death.

Since October, I have replaced her with a Nikon. (Yep, went from Canon to Nikon) So, here’s the photos I’ve been saving up for y’all.


If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably already seen this.  I’ve started a bookstagram, and I’ve been having so much fun taking pictures.  (You can follow me here.)


The daffodils have been blooming for quite some time now, so I’ll have a lot of pictures of them.  Last year hardly any daffodils bloomed, and so they’re extra special this year. 😉


I have no idea what kind of flower this is, but isn’t it pretty?  (This post will mostly be flowers, LOL.  All the flowers are blooming! *throws petals in the air*)


Of course, we have to have Star, right?  She likes her hat, and her book. 😂


I think I have more animal pictures than I thought…


And of course, we need pictures of water.  Water is important. *nods*


This flower smelled SO GOOD.  Like, you could be walking a few yards from it, and then the smell hit you, and AH. SO. YUMMY.


I have this thing for camellias.  Camellias are probably my favorite flowers.




I also have this new obsession with flower petals on the ground.  They’re just so pretty.


I like running water, what can I say?




Little teeny flowers.


Aren’t these flowers just awesome?  I seem to think so…


I mean, look at that! They are awesome.


The simplest thing that makes spring so happy are the little, light green leaves you see emerging, eager to begin new life.


Here’s a secret.  Amie love tulips, and where she lives it’s too warm for tulips to bloom without a little help.



Rose doesn’t understand why I like lampposts so much.  😂


Itty bitty crocuses. ❤






I’m running out of comments, LOL.




And now we have another animal!  A little quail!


Now we have moved on to my obsession with water droplets.




More tulips!





YAY! More birds. 😉


And the hawk.


And of course, we must end with the lamppost. 😉

What was your favorite picture?  Do you enjoy photography posts?  What is your favorite song?


~~Early Morning Walk~~

Well, it seems that I wrote a post like this one sometimes in January of last year, and I’m here again with similar news.  If you subscribed to my newsletter (GO NEWSIES!) (you can subscribe here), you might already know the news.  News that is very important to yours truly.


Well, it’s not the dramatic.  I kinda let this little fluff ball in, and I don’t mind (except when she barks at my siblings in the morning.)


Star is a Tibetan Spaniel, and is a full seven years old.  Her previous owner passed away, and so we inherited her.  (Sorta, in a way.)   She’s sweet, gentle, and devoted.  In fact, she’s sitting at my feet this minute. 😂  I finally have a furry shadow, and I’m not sure if I like it.

Regardless, I love Star, and she makes me laugh a bit, and makes me feel loved a lot.  I really need to do a photo shoot, but Star’s still wary when I pull out the clicking black box and point it at her, so you’ll have to wait.  Instead, I’ll give you some pictures I took during one of our walks together.  (Guys, I’m getting in shape.  She loves walking, and man!  We live in a hilly place.)


Something is just so pretty about dried up tan flowers.  (These flowers were also SO pretty when they were blue in the summer.)


I honestly don’t know why I find a moss-covered fire hydrant so pretty, but I do.  I keep looking at this picture and going, “YASSSS, PRECIOUS!” (LotR, anyone?)


When I was little, everyone would tell me to leave cattails alone because I could get splinters, but I didn’t care.  I would pick the cattails and run around pretending I had a tail.  (Yes, I did get splinters.)


Okay, so it was foggy on our morning walk, and IT WAS SO PRETTY.  The water tower had the sun shining on it, and I couldn’t resist.




Why is this just so pretty?  It’s just some trees, sun, and a water tower, BUT IT’S SOOO PRETTY!


I love the sun, the beautiful, beautiful sun!  It’s so pretty, *sighs happily*


And I just threw in this picture because it’s so cool.  I love how the focus is on the grass.  It makes the shed in the background look so mysterious.


And we can’t have a post without Snowball, can we?  AWE.  HE’S SO CUTE! ❤

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I have done a photography post in like, ages.  What kind of posts would you like to see more?  Do you want me to try to dabble in fashion?  Or do you want more writing posts?  What about art?  Photography?  Or more daily life type posts?  I’m all ears. 😂


Photography Contest #4

And today the theme was disguise.  The problem was that none of my photogenic pets agreed to being dressed up.  The cat ran away in terror, and Snowball wriggled out of the doll clothes I put him in.  And so?  I went to the board of blogging ideas.

After many ideas were set on the table (many good, and some not so very swell), Board Member Mother said, “I have the best idea ever!”  And it appeared she did.  And so, without further ado, I enlisted my Little Sis and decorated her for the picture.  Enjoy. 😉


Photography Contest #3

And the word is fluffy.  I wanted to get tons of extra points with some obliging donkeys this time around, but…Well, the rain wasn’t so obliging, so I fell back on plan B.



Photography Contest #2


So, for the next topic of photography, it was tradition.  My family has a tradition of breaking traditions, but I couldn’t think of a good way to photograph that.  So?  The only tradition we’ve done for over three years was Christmas lights.  My older brother has been in charge of them since he was eleven, and puts them up with the help of all of us.