Series V. Scarlett King

Guys, I have a feeling this series is boring, but since I’ve made it a series, I’ll continue.  This time, searching through Scarlett’s stuff, I found a letter!  Her letters are always funny.

Dear Wia,

You certainly have one strange animal, Godmother.  I don’t know why he wouldn’t like Snoopy, he certainly is the best part of Charlie Brown.  Anyway, back to the important stuff.  I bet it’s hard to have a cat that can talk but won’t.  I think it would be cool if you got his writing published.  Everyone would buy it, including myself.  It might even become a New York bestseller.

Would you want me to actually wear it on Christmas or at the Christmas ball?  Dear me! How envious Gwendoline will be!  Any way……

You even look into Gwendoline’s journal? I didn’t know godmothers were so snoopy.  I guess she is a pretty bad girl but I never read her diary so I have no clue what she puts in there.  Is there anything bad about me in there?

Gulp! How did you know that?  Then you must know that yesterday I cut up the Gwendoline’s last love letter and I snipped Edmund’s hair in his sleep.  Boy! He was mad.  Anyway, what bad things will I do today?  I don’t know, do I really care? But it’ll be fun keeping everyone on their toes.

That’s good I’m not very vain.  I hope I don’t become vain.  Can you prevent that?

I’m fifteen! Just old enough to go to those stinky balls where all the boys whisper how pretty you are and the girls giggle behind their fans about the old-fashioned way of your dress.  Humph, Gwendoline thrives in that environment but I wilt, like a neglected flower.

I’m an entertaining god-daughter?  Why, thank you!  I thought I was just a naughty one, at least Mother says so.  She keeps asking who I’m sending these letters to but I keep my lips tightly sealed.  No one will know about my letters to my beloved godmother.

It wasn’t my brother that broke my arm, that was my leg he broke.  This time I was riding Candor and then I tried a trick that worked last time (To be honest, I think Edmund cut the leather strap off!) and I fell down and broke my arm.  Mother says no more riding for a bit.

Send the cat anytime, I’m waiting for it.  I bet it is a dear and I like country music but prefer bluegrass.  Anyway, send him down.

To bad you can’t teach Candor to speak, I doubt she would be rude but you never know!  Well, I hope I keep you entertained, you sure keep my entertained.

Love your,


Haha, well, I think I’d cut up my older sisters love letter too! (oops, maybe I shouldn’t say that…) And balls?  Hmm…

If you enjoyed Scarlett’s letter, please comment down below!  And if you want to hear more about Scarlett, comment as well–Amie

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