So, I know I posted yesterday, but as one of my commenters assured me, I don’t annoy y’all, so blogging everyday must make y’all happy!  (And I’m off school this week and have a list of blogging things I NEED to do, so yeah.  That’s life.)

Today I’m just rambling.  And showing you pictures.  And telling you what my life is like. It’s going to be a really random rambling, so you probably should buckle your seat belt tight, and hold on to the wheel.  (Or, if you’re like me, ignore the seat belt, throw one of your arms out of the open window, and hit the gas!)

Let’s start off with my mom trying Siri out.  I was on the way home from work.


Apparently Illinois gets three cheers, no?  Don’t we all love Siri?  Lol, the adventures I’ve had with that thing.

Since we’re all ready talking about my mom, I’ll throw her in again.  I recently did a post with my photography here, and my mom asked me why I didn’t put her portrait in.  I think she was a little offended she wasn’t put in her famous daughter’s post.  Anyway, without further ado, my mom!


Guess I had to get my craziness from somewhere.  😉

I’ve been giving my younger sister some photography lessons, and she’s gotten so much better!  It’s funny to see her trying to figure it all out, and she’s always thrilled when she’s found a new trick out.


The other night when I was writing my book, she wanted to take some pictures of me.  I told her the camera was all hers, as long as she didn’t disturb me.  And, for your own gratification, here’s a snip-it of something I wrote.

“As you say,” Jonathan sighed; regardless, he dropped the backpack.  

“Smile!”  Cassy started pressing the button on her camera, and Jonathan looked straight at the shutter.

“This isn’t what I’d call a grand vacation,” Jonathan muttered through clenched teeth.  “This is more like torture.”

Haha, Jonathan.  Get used to it.  Having a photographer in the family is both torture and a blessing.  You get your Christmas photos taken for free!

Well, we’ve had a lot of flowers blooming in our yard.  Wanna take a look?  Sorry, I’m not giving you a choice.


Can you see that little spider?  Isn’t he cute?


Don’t you just love this flower?  I do.  It’s just so…So pink.



Do you like flowers?  Which flower picture was your favorite?

Okay, so we have a huge garden.  3,000 sq. feet to be exact, and we’re growing corn, cucumbers, melons, squash (both summer and winter) tomatoes, beans, and…Um?  Is that it?  I think it is.  Hmm, I might remember something in a bit.  Anyway, it’s been a lot of work, and I’m starting to wonder what Adam and Eve were thinking when they took a bite of that fruit.

I’ve claimed the corn as “my” corn, and so I’ve been weeding it.  We have roughly three rows, and a few scattered here and there.  (Lots of seeds dropped out of people’s pockets.)  Sadly, we had a bad gale and our method of keeping away weeds (A.K.A. cardboard boxes) cut down three-four stalks of my corn.  I felt like having a funeral for them.

Since y’all know I can talk forever, I’m just hurrying to the actual pictures.


The corn a few weeks ago.  It’s been growing like crazy, and we even have a few husks!  I’m so excited!  *does happy dance*


A baby husk.  Isn’t it so photogenic?  I’m in love with my corn, and I’m so proud of it!  Keep growing, little guys!  (And gals…I don’t suppose they have a gender. 🤔)


Corn flowers and fluffy clouds. 🙂


Here’s one of the melons.  I’m such a good photographer, that I made it look twice it’s size.  It’s actually rather small.  (Here’s a small hint.  Put your melons on cardboard.  Otherwise, they’ll rot.  We had quite a few rotten melons last year.)


Anyone love acorn squash?  I think I’ll mail it to you if you do.  We’re gonna have a ton.  😬


Our tomatoes are really sad looking, but they do have some fruit!

We went to a nature preserve, and they had go-cart golf-cart type things, and I got to drive.  I was so excited, but I brought a few screams from my mom.  Hehe, but I wasn’t as bad as my brother.  He had the little girls screaming bloody murder.  My poor ears.  Anyway, while we were there, I got pictures of this fella.


Don’t know if you can see him in that picture, but I hope you can!


He was a little baby, and he couldn’t fly much yet.  He was so cute!


There was also a wood chapel. Sadly, most of my pictures didn’t turn out because it was just about to pour, and the lighting was horrid.


That was the doorway inside.  The bell that you could ring was so loud!  My ears were throbbing and I’m afraid to say I was a little closer to tears than I’d like to admit.  Who could stand such a deafeningly loud, earth-quakingly alarming sound?


My family would’t get out of the way.  😕


What d’ye say, lass…Or lad.  Whichever you maybe.  Do ye like it?  I ken ye do.

And, since I think you’ll like this, I’ll through in some of my favorite blog posts at the moment.

For the Younger Sibling Among Us–Fro Allison

A Day in My Life As An Author–Once Upon an Ordinary 

Summer Nights–Maddy’s Digital Diary

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Go check out those blogs!

Lastly and probably most importantly, my siblings and I decided to put on a production.  I mean, we’re already planning a few more after this, but this was a starting point, you know?

I was supposed to be the newsboy person, and Jay, my brother (also known as Bilbo,) was supposed to be an old man.  Jay fell flat because the store didn’t have white dye or a fake beard.  (We tried to “dye” his hair by using flour and hairspray.  Hey, it worked *sorta*) Anyway, I had a bit of difficulty getting my long, thick hair taken care of, but I was ingenious, and even surprised my sister.


But!  My sister wasn’t satisfied.  I was supposed to be a dirty ragamuffin with black hair, and dirty pants.  So?  I had to go dump a bucket of dirt on me.  Not exactly, but I felt like an elephant was spraying dirt down my shirt.  Needless to say, I was a walking dirt bag, as I later showed when I tried to take off the clothes.


After filming and my dirt job.  My sister says I really looked like a boy, especially in the last scene.  To her I must have a boy’s swagger????  LOL, y’all can decide.  Here’s the video.


The music is not by me, though I’ve already been asked that.  I honestly say I wish it was. But, it’s not.  I’m not that good yet.  Enjoy!

(Oh, and I had to dye my hair black with wash out dye, and it got everywhere…Just like the foundation.  HELP!  I’ve never done make-up before!  Wait, brow liner and eye liner are different?  Is that why the prices were different?  I think I need a supervisor.  😳  Is eye liner easier to apply?  If so, it might be worth the extra money.  #cheap)

And that, m’dears, is the end of my rambling.  I’m surprised if you stuck with me.  If you did, here’s a high five that somehow made it through the screen???  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it!

What was your favorite photo?  Do you enjoy a nice long ramble?  Do you like to drink hot drinks in hot weather?


15 thoughts on “Ramblings…

  1. Parker Hankins says:

    The flowers were pretty!!!! I love the excerpt from your book! That is SO Jonathan. I can tell you love corn! That church is beautiful!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Laura says:

    Amie, I cannot believe you still think you don’t look like your mom! You two look so alike!! I guess I get a high five through the screen. 😉I enjoyed the pictures! 😊 and, no, I don’t drink hot drinks in the heat, do you? Guess what the temperature was here yesterday?! 😯😮

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Amie says:

      *cough* I’m not sure how many times I must say, I DO NOT LOOK LIKE MY MOM. My mom looks like me. No, just playing. It’s just we have similar coloring. I’d actually rather drink a hot drink on a hat day than a hot drink on a cold day. It was 100?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Laura says:

        Really? I’d rather a cold drink on a hot day than a hot drink on a hot day. You two look alike, how many times must i say THAT?! 😂 Yes, it was 101!!

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Aria Lisette says:

    Ooh, nice ramble, Amie! I wish I could watch the video, but unfortunately, I can’t access YouTube… :/ Anyway, wow, your costuming was GREAT! And good garden pictures. 3,000 sq. feet is pretty big, but I think we have at least an 3/4 to one acre of gardens over here. 😉 Our weather is rather warm, but since we live in the mountains it’s not quite as warm as it is in flatter areas. And nope. I much prefer to drink cold drinks on hot days, thank you very much. XD

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Aria Lisette says:

        With a farmhand and a whole lot of work. 😉 We put woodchips in the walkways, though, and that helps a lot. Plus we use black plastic which also helps, so…


  4. Mandalynn says:

    I think the pink flower is really pretty.
    We have a garden where we are growing squash, zucchini, tomatoes, jalapeños, lettuce, and onions. We also have lots of blackberry bushes around our house.
    I like rambling posts best.
    My siblings and I are trying to figure at an audio drama to do. We are thinking of maybe taking a scene from one of the Lamplighter Theater’s and just copying it to see how good we are compared with them.


  5. Sam(antha) says:

    Nope, hearing from you more often does not bother me at all. I’m always so happy when I check my email and see that you have a new post!
    I love acorn squash! Send me yours! XD And you make a wonderful dirty ragamuffin.
    P.S. Happy 4th of July!

    Liked by 1 person

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