Ode to Holy Holey Socks

One by One you fell

On the battlefield called life.

One by one you scaled

The ladder to sockly afterlife.

And now I must say you’re holy,

And holey, and overly dirty,

But your piety others encouraged

To take up the fight

To warm my chilly feet,

All through the dark night.

Your work might be finished,

But you’ll always be

very holy, holey socks

To me.

Socks that I wore

Throughout good and bad

Socks that stayed close

Even when I felt sad

Even when I pushed everyone away,

I kept my socks near me

And wouldn’t send them astray.

For socks certainly save the day.

They make life better,

And they help keep your feet sweet and clean

So then your special other

Doesn’t smell your feet

and make a scene.

Socks mean much to me

It would be hard to repay

Every single one of my socks

for every single day.

And so I decided to write this poem

To show everyone

That socks are important to them.

Wear your socks

Until they’re thin

And then remember

Everything you did in them


Surprising Spam

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM

Hehe, today I’m doing a blog post I’ve actually wanted to do for a long time.  If you’re a blogger, you might experience a very annoying something.  I actually don’t find it extremely annoying, mostly funny.  And what is that, my friend?

Ah, it ’tis the notorious spam comments.

DUDE.  These spammers know how to write books, and you have to go through a sixteen paragraph comment just to hit the delete button.  *wipes sweat off of brow* The only problem with their books is the fact they don’t understand how to use grammar or punctuation.  It really disturbs me as I read it.  *sighs*

Anyway, today I decided to respond to a few spam comments, since they are kinda funny, and I wanted to write my funny answers to the spammers.  Here we go!

Vida asks…(On the post, Taste Your Tongue)

Do you have any kind of ideas for composing posts? That’s where I always battle and I simply end up gazing empty screen for very long time.

Well, that wasn’t very funny, but I’ll answer it.  I sometimes have the same problem.  Other times I have the problem where I have five finished posts waiting to be published and I can’t choose which one to post.

My biggest advice is to take advantage of any small spark of inspiration, and write it down.  Otherwise…You’ll be staring at an empty screen.  Also, your posts will be different from mine, and mine will be different from the next person.

It’s all about bringing something different to the table, and making people laugh or think while you’re doing that. 😉

Lashell Najarro says…

I really like your writing style, excellent info , thanks for posting : D.

Well, thank you, for commenting that.  (I laugh so hard at these kind of comments.  Before I changed my blog design, I got SO many spam comments complimenting my blog design, that it got really old.  😂 Maybe that’s why I stopped using that design.)

I tend to like my writing style as well.  Now, I don’t often have any information, just a bunch of funny nonsense, so I don’t know where that came from, but you’re very welcome.  I enjoy posting.  (Also, if you deleted that space in between the : and the D, you would get 😀 )

Seymour says… (Also asking on Taste Your Tongue.)

Do you have any kind of suggestions for creating posts? That’s where I always battle as well as I simply finish up gazing vacant display for long period of time.

Well, you and Vida should get together and chat, Seymour!  You seem to have a lot in common.  I just come up with them, and grab ’em when they come.

scr88 Company (Who is my biggest annoyance) says…

Who knows you have made this good difficulty?

Exactly my thoughts, scr88!  WHO KNOWS?  And what difficulty has to do with anything, I’m afraid to say that I’m extremely confused.

Live 22858 says,

Do you sometimes feel exhausted even though you got enough sleep? So I’ll finish up using sentence that is none too cool.

Um, yeah, doesn’t everyone?  But usually I’m exhausted because I had eight days before that where I didn’t get enough sleep.  😂 And yes, that sentence is none too cool.  Sorry. 😦

Tatyana Belitz says (On Sunflower’s Christmas Miracle)

Hiya, I am really glad I have found this information. Nowadays bloggers publish only about gossips and internet and this is really frustrating. A good web site with exciting content, this is what I need. Thanks for keeping this website, I will be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can not find it.

Hiya to you, too!  I don’t agree with you on nowadays bloggers, but maybe that’s because I don’t follow those kind of blogs.  You should look over at my blog button page, and you’ll find some more wholesome and uplifting blogs like my on.

Yes, I do have a newsletter, which you can sign up for here. 😉

Mittie asks (On Artist’s Goals)

Have you ever had problems with your webhost? I’m open for referrals as my webhost is dreadful currently.

Nope, my web host is amazing.  I’d tell everyone to go with WordPress, ’cause they’re easy to use, professional looking, and yeah.  I like it. 😉

Tammi says (On Series V. Scarlett King)

Your web site has superb web content. I bookmarked the site

Thank ye, thank ye, thank ye.  I don’t know if I agree, but everyone to their own opinion, right?

*goes and deletes those comments* *Happy sigh*

Well, folks, what did you think of that?  I only gave you the rational spam comments.  Like I said, some of them leave you scratching your head.  If you enjoyed it, leave a comment.


Exciting announcement!

Image 12-6-18 at 1.30 PM

Yes, I’m so excited!  First up, we have a winner for Amie Quote of the Year!  I was really excited, because the winning quote was my top pick out of all those nominated.  Are you ready for the reveal?


Wow, I say some profound things sometimes, don’t I?  Well, I think it looks pretty nice, just a bit crowded.  That was a longer quote!  Now, my second exciting announcement has been something that I’ve been thinking about a lot.

I’m starting a newsletter by email!  Now, if you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll get a lot of perks, like peaking into my writing life, snip-its of my work in progress, first looks at covers, and being the first people to be told about beta-reading, publishing, and blog tours.

Not only will you get all that fun stuff, you’ll get an inside peak at my pets’ life, my writing habits, and what I’ve been reading, watching, and thinking about.  (And you get to be called my Newsies.)

So, it’s mostly a newsletter about writing, pets, and me!  How could it get any better?  The first email will be sent out Monday (2/4/19), and so hurry to sign up so you don’t miss any of it!  My first “issue” will be full of interesting surprises.

Also, share with your friends!  When I get 100 subscribers to my email list, there’ll be a giveaway!

*Feels like putting a gif in here* *decides against it*

For you practical people out there that want to know if I’ll annoy you, and appear in your inbox every day, I promise not to.  I’ll only appear once a week at the most, and once a month at the least.  I don’t have an extremely clear idea of how much I’ll appear, but enough to inform you of the news, and not to bug you.

So, ready to sign up? Sign up here, since the embedded form wasn’t working.

Yay!  I cannot wait to see you in your inbox!


Christmas Ten O’clock

Hey guys!  Guess what?  Rose and I finally managed to get around to videoing another Ten O’clock, which is a shocker, right?  I bet you weren’t expecting that from the title.  😂

So, if you have twenty minutes, get started!  It went a bit over time, but hey, that’s how I roll.  🙂


Christmas Gift Ideas #1

Today I’m going to be helping y’all window shop, since obviously that’s all anyone has money to do after Black Friday.  Maybe we should all go raid monopoly and see if the stores will take the money from there. 🤣

I’m going to be giving you ideas for your sisters, mother, aunts, and (girl) friends.  I’m planning for another gift idea post for brothers, father, uncles, and (boy) friends in the future, but at the moment I thought it was best to start with things I would get myself. (Haha.)

You can get this and more here.

First up we have these absolutely beautiful necklaces made by Allison.  I’m a strictly no jewelry person, just because I forget about it.  (hehe.) But most of my friends find a piece of jewelry a wonderful addition to their wardrobe, and who doesn’t love these hand-lettered necklaces?  I was seriously tempted to get one for myself.  XD

You can find these here.

Everyone uses envelopes, right?  Well, why not use pretty envelopes?  My friend, Allison, sells some envelopes on her Etsy shop that are just the thing.  If you’re giving some to your mom, chose the (less) interesting ones above, or if it’s your pen-pal or friend, chose the cooler design she also offers.  This is a really neat gift idea.  *nods head quickly*

You can get this here. 

You’re not sure exactly what to get?  This nativity scene is the cutest thing ever!  It’s not too big, but just enough to decorate with.  (Seriously, it’s so amazing.)  I don’t know if I could say enough for it!  Last year, I got my mom something similar to it, and she loved it.  This is a great gift for mom or grandma.

You can order this here.

If your friend, sister, cousin is an Austen lover, what could be better than giving them an Austen twist?  I’m not a romance reader, or lover, but this book was written so well!  I usually can see right through romances, but I didn’t in this book, which was a wonderful surprise to me.

You can order this here. 

I like mermaids, I like blankets.  I like being warm.  What if you could put those three things together?  I think this blanket is so cool!  I thought about getting one for one of my sisters…Maybe next year?  Doesn’t it look so soft?

You can order this here.

Inch worms are kinda gross little things in the real world, but what if you could have an inchworm that shared your favorite hobby, like, maybe reading?  My friend, Megan, makes the cutest little inch worms on her Etsy shop, which I think you really should explore.

You can order this here.

If your friend is a musician, what could be better than getting them a pretty strap for their instrument?  You can never have too many straps for your guitar (or was that picks?) You could also get them a pack of strings.  Believe me, a musician goes through strings faster than you can imagine.  Or, if your friend is a photographer, get her a pretty camera strap.

You can order this here.

October blew me away.  It made me cry, laugh, and really, I couldn’t sleep after I finished it.  (Yes, it was around 11:30 pm, but hey.  That’s what books are for.)  For some reason, October reminded me so much of me, and yet, then I would see a bit of Emily, and I was Emily.  But I’m supposed to be convincing you to buy this, not rave about it. XD  It’s a story for 12+ but so masterfully woven and heart touching.  I think any friend you’d give it to would thank you over and over for it. 😀

You can order this here.

Am I the only one that still loves beanies?  Please tell me I’m not all alone.  Everyone should keep their head warm, and why not do it in style?

You can order this here. 

Maybe it’s just because I’m a coffee-loving tee-shirt wearer that I love this shirt so much!  A fun gift for anyone is a tee-shirt that matches their interests.  I gave my mom a tee-shirt that said, “Blessed” and. scripture verse for her birthday.  (Tee-shirts are my go-to gift when I have no ideas.  I mean, everyone has to wear clothes, right?)

Of course, you could also just go the easy route and buy tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and some candy for your friend/relative.  I don’t blame you.  It’s too much work to come up with cool ideas for gifts.  *gives an exhausted sigh*.  Welp, I’m off to the next thing on my to-do list.


Interview with Characters

Hello!  Today I have Parker’s characters from his book series joining me in the Crazy A studio.  They very kindly agreed to travel on the Imagination transport, and now they’re here at Crazy A.

The Bryder’s are very interesting children, and I’m so happy to have them here.  Before I let them speak, I have to tell you to go check out Parker’s blog, and his interview with my characters from my book.

Now, help me welcome Jared, Jennifer, Jesse, and Joy Bryder.

Thank you, Jared, Jennifer, Jesse, and Joy, for joining me on Crazy A today.  Would you each introduce yourselves?
Sure! I’m Jared Bryder. *extends hand* I’m nineteen.
I’m Joy and I’m nine! *she smiles brightly*
My na–*Jennifer is interrupted.
I’m fourteen-year-old Jesse!
*Jennifer smiles at Jesse* I’m Jennifer. Oh, and I’m sixteen.
As siblings, do you often argue during the adventure?
Jared: Well, I think we’re usually too caught up in it to argue.
*Jennifer nods* True!
I argue with the bad guys! *Jesse pipes up*
*Joy frowns* Won’t that get you killed, Jesse?
Jesse: Nope!
Joy: It won’t?
Jesse: No!
Joy: Oh! I’ve never been taught that.
Who is the most adventuresome?
*everyone says Jesse in unison*
Me! *Jesse beams*
*Joy frowns* But I like adventure. More than Jennifer, at least.
Jared: Yes, but Jesse likes it the most.
Joy: Okay.
Are you all equally close, or do you each have a “closest” sibling?
*Jared furrows brows in thought*
*Jesse grins* I’m closest to Jared.
*Jennifer nods* Yeah, that’s true. I’ll say I’m closest to Jared and Joy. Though, Jesse is
*Jared also nods* Yeah, Jennifer’s right. And Jesse is very close to me.
*Joy looks up at her brother* But, Jared, you take me out for ice cream sometimes. Doesn’t that make us close?
*Jared smiled* Well, I guess.
Jared, is it hard being the oldest, and seeing your younger siblings in danger?
I would say yes and no. Yes, I don’t like to see them going through things like this. I don’t think any brother in his right mind does. But at the same time, it’s a blessing and encouragement to see my siblings living out their faith.
Jennifer, do you tend to be a leader or a follower?
Jennifer: Hmm. I guess it depends. If it’s children, I tend to be a leader. But with other people my age or older, I let them lead. It’s just easiest.
Jesse: I thought it was easier to lead.
Jennifer: I don’t think so.
Jesse: Well, kids wouldn’t go on very many adventures if I didn’t lead them.
Jennifer: Jesse, maybe you just like adventure too much.
*Joy nods* I agree.
*Jesse sighs* I doubt it.
Jesse, what is the dumbest thing you’ve done?
What? This is my question? Why couldn’t it have been given to someone else?
*Jared grins* Because you’re the best one for it.
*Jesse shakes his head* Oh, well. Um…maybe when I jumped from a moving car and got knocked out. Wait, Jared, did you just call me dumb?
Jared: No, but you may have done some of the dumbest things out of all of us.
Jesse: But remember when Jennifer–
*Jennifer raises her hand to stop him* I think it’s time we move on.
Jesse: You just don’t want me to tell.
Jennifer: I want us to move on.
*Jesse shakes head*
Joy, what is it like being the youngest during these missions?
*Looks down in thought* It’s a little good and bad. Since I’m little, they might leave me alone. But sometimes the bad guys try to use me so the others will obey the bad guys. I don’t like that.
What are each of y’alls favorite colors?
Jared: I like lime green.
*Jennifer is silent*
*Jesse frowns* Jennifer, what’s your favorite color?
Jennifer: I was waiting on you.
*Jesse raises an eyebrow* Why?
Jennifer: Because you interrupted me last group question.
Oh! *Jesse blushes* Anyway, I like royal blue.
*Jennifer smiles* Everyone tells me it’s obvious what color I like. Pink!
Joy: I like wild violet!
Do you prefer hills, plains, or mountains?
Jared: Hills.
*Jennifer allows Jesse to go first*
Jesse: I think plains ’cause that’s more cowboyish.
Joy: I thought hills and mountains were too!
Jesse: I don’t think so.
Joy: Well, we know cowboys here in Tennessee.
Jesse: Oh.
*Joy smiles* Anyways, I like hills.
*Jennifer nods* I like mountains. They’re just so scenic.
Jared, what is your greatest fear?
Hmm. I don’t fear too much, but probably my biggest fear would be that my family would be killed or detained forever on one of these adventures. That would just be horrible.
Jennifer, what was your greatest accomplishment?
Jennifer: Hmm, this is a hard question. Maybe learning to play Maple Leaf Rag. It was so hard, and I couldn’t get in the time easy. Plus, I don’t like playing rags or classical too much.
Jesse: I remember when you were trying to play that. It was so out of time.
*Jared gives Jesse a reproving look*
Jesse, what was your most embarrassing moment?
Why do I get these questions?
*Jared grins* Because they’re the best for you.
*Jesse punches him good-naturedly* Hmm. Maybe when I was at Evan’s wedding and I tripped going down the aisle with Karen. It was horrible!
*Jared, Jennnifer, and Joy burst into laughter*
*Jesse shakes head*
Joy, what do you consider your biggest blessing?
The Lord helping me through our latest adventure. Though, I’m scared we might enter another because Jared has been investigating some mysterious stuff with the detective.
What are y’alls favorite kinds of music?
Jared: I really like hymns done with family harmony. It sounds really good when families sing with all the parts.
*Jennifer waits on Jesse*
Jesse: Bluegrass and country!
Jennifer: I like the older hymns. There’s something about them that causes you to meditate.
*Joy shrugs* I really don’t know.
*Jesse leans forward* Just say bluegrass and country.
Joy: Bluegrass and country.
Do you prefer to write on paper or type?
Jared: Type!
*Jennifer is silent*
Jesse: Um…paper? I don’t write hardly.
Joy: Writing is fun! Especially if you write stories. I like paper right now.
Jennifer: Stationary which is paper. I write people letters and love fancy cards and stuff.
What is one of your talents that most people don’t know about?
Jared: I don’t know about me.
Jennifer: Jared, you’re an excellent solo singer.
*Jared looks skeptical* What? How do you know?
Jennifer: I hear you sing to yourself sometimes.
Jared: Oh.
Jesse: I’m a professional tree climber.
Joy: I can draw. Dad is good and he’s taught me some.
Jennifer: I really don’t have much talent.
Jared: You tend to have wise advice and you play piano, which people do know about.
Jennifer: I give wise advice? And I can’t play piano. Valerie Taylor plays way better than me.
*Jared nods* Of course, you have wise advice. Joy told me about what you told her when you two were on a walk through the apple orchard!
Jennifer: Thanks!
Joy: Who’s Valerie Taylor?
Jared: That girl down there in South Carolina.
Jesse: She’s not a girl. She’s eighteen now.
Joy: Oh!
Pepperoni, cheese, or combo pizza?
Jared: Pepperoni!
*Jennifer allows Jesse to go first*
Jesse: Combo!
Jennifer: Pepperoni.
Joy: Cheese
Jesse: That’s really boring, Joy.
Joy: I know. But it’s the best!
Jesse: No, it isn’t.
Joy: Yes, it is.
Jared: Let’s keep going.
What do y’all think of yodeling?
Jared: I hate it!
*Jennifer waits on Jesse*
Jesse: It can be done right and sound good.
Jennifer: I think it’s unique. I don’t like it, but it takes skill which is cool.
Joy: I love it!
Amie: I am ashamed of you, Jared.  It’s a talent that’s lovely.
And finally, what are y’alls favorite books?
Jared: Hmm. Probably Crossroads by Paul Willis. It’s got a lot of action which I like and it’s fast-paced.
*Jennifer waits for Jesse*
Jesse: I don’t really like books.
Joy: I like the Baker Family Adventures series.
*Jennifer looks up dreamily* The Star Under the City by Maggie Joy. It was so awesome! And Lenz was an amazing character! I could talk about him all day And then the Baker Family adventures series by C. R. Hedgcock.
Jesse: Jennifer, it sounds like you think Lenz is real.
*Jennifer blushes* He is to me.
Jesse: So I guess we know what kind of husband you want.
Jennifer: I never said I’d marry him.
Joy: You kind of said that the other day.
*Jennifer looks horrified* What?!
*Jared chuckles* Let’s get this over with.
Amie: Don’t worry, Jennifer, he’s real to me, too. 😉
Thanks for joining me on Crazy A!  
Jared: It was a lot of fun!
*Jennifer smiles brightly* Thanks for having us!
Jesse: I’d do it again. But on one condition: You don’t ask me crazy questions.
Jared: Jesse, would do it again no matter what.
Jesse: No, I wouldn’t. And, please don’t let anyone know some of these questions.
Jared: Jesse, this is on Amie’s blog. People are going to read it.
Jesse: Oh no!
*Joy’s tone is loud and cheerful* Well, bye. Thanks! I really had fun.
Jennifer: And if you visited just to hear about us, please subscribe to this crazy amazing blog. It’s my favorite!
Amie: Aw, thanks, Jennifer, and Jesse, sorry.  You’re doomed.  Thanks guys for reading this, and go check out Parker’s interview.

Random Life Update


Folks, and now it is time for me to ramble about my life at the moment.  It’s been beautifully fall like, with the leaves teasing us by not changing colors, as of yet.  There are a few, but only a few.  I’ve been enjoying my sweatshirts again, and wearing my beanies.  Life has been good.

My dad was on vacation last week, and whenever he’s on vacation, we get a break from school, and get to do a lot of fun things.  Not only was Dad off work, but my older brother celebrated his birthday, which was a blast.

Since I don’t have a working camera at the moment, I borrowed my dad’s phone, so I apologize if some of the photos didn’t turn out.  Now, on to the first stop on our fun week. 😉


The zoo!  We always have fun at the zoo.  At least, until it becomes lunch time, or I’m done. XD  I enjoyed the birds of prey a lot.


We also went to the petting zoo, and I adore those animals.  Sadly, (Or maybe not sadly) they’re my favorite animals in the zoo.  Rose and Mr. Goat had a good time together.  (Aren’t goats SOOOO cute? 😍)


I adore Nubian goats, and this dear goat didn’t mind posing for me.  Isn’t she the sweetest looking thing ever?


My younger sister decided she would give up horseback riding, and ride Komodo dragons instead. I think it’s a bit risky, but you never know, she might be good at it.

This is a statue, just so you know. 😉

It was a fun day, and we brought a friend along, who made my little sisters very happy.  I had decided to wear my only black boots, which are rather, um, not conducive for long walks?  So, my feet were just a tad blistered after walking EVERYWHERE in the zoo.  I liked the flowers they had at the zoo.


For lunch, my mom packed her delicious usual of sandwiches, salami, and strawberries.


We saw a lot more animals, but I’m positive y’all don’t want to trail around the zoo with me. XD  I also enjoyed seeing the Diamond Back Rattlesnake again, but I think I was the only one.

The day after that was Senior citizens day at Goodwill, so we dragged my dad along, who’s actually that old. XD  I had a wonderful time putting Kate’s post into action.  I had a pile of books a mile high, but I limited it down to three books for myself, and some for my brother.

I bought “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”, “Unbroken”, and “The Hiding Place.”  I’ve read the first two, and they were both AMAZING.  *booklover swoon* Ah,   I’ll give you Rebecca’s review later on in this post, but “Unbroken” is now one of my top favorite books.  If you’re sensitive, I would not suggest this book.  It’s about POWs, and just general awesome nastiness that makes you appreciate Veteran’s Day ten times more.  I (soft-hearted me) almost didn’t finish the epilogue because Pete ends up dying, and that made me have a regular crying match hidden away.  BUT IT’S SO SWEET, and such a wonderful testimony.  I totally recommend it.

The next morning, my dad, brother and I loaded up in the car and drove for an hour.  It was a nice car ride, and I read “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.”  I’ve actually never read that book before, and it was delicious.  A better “Anne of Green Gables,” honestly.  Now, it’s not as good as some of the Anne books after the first one, but the first one it surpasses.  The beauty of the story was captivating, and made me laugh, and giggle, and oh dear.  I’m just going on and on. XD Usual, when it comes to good books.

Some people from our church met up with us at the gun range, and out we walked.


I was the scope-er for most of the day.  I got two burns, and goodness!  Do those hot cartridges burn!  I learned to sit on my hands, and stay out-of-the-way rather fast.


Honestly, the .22 was my favorite.  It was modeled after a carbine used in WWII.  Sadly, we didn’t shoot the M1 Garand, which I really wanted to shoot.  We did shoot the Enfield, though.  My brother shot a shotgun, but honestly, I wasn’t interested.

All together, it was a wonderful day, even though I didn’t get lunch and was a monster because of that. XD

On Sunday of that week, I was playing football, like usual, with my brother, when my dad tackled my brother and threw me the ball.  I wasn’t ready to catch it, but I tried anyway, and it collided head on with my left ring finger.  As soon as I felt it, I knew something had just happened to my finger.

I grabbed some ice, and we scurried into the car, since it was almost church time.  When we got to the church, though, my mom told my dad that I needed to go to the ER.  We went home, and left my family there while mom took me to the ER.  The doctor there was hilarious!  He looked like a mad scientist, but he was really cool.  They did X-rays, and told me that it wasn’t broken.  (The Doctor also told me I was the perfect girl–A writer, musician, and six feet tall! O.o That was a first. XD)

They buddy taped it, and told me that if I wasn’t able to bend it by Tuesday, call a hand specialist, because something might be torn.  Tuesday was my brother’s birthday, and he had a ton of fun.  I didn’t, probably because I was in pain even when taking pills. :/


We went to a garden, and it was very green, and there weren’t very many flowers.  Besides that, it was pretty nice.  Wednesday we called the specialist about my finger, and they told me I would have to wait a week until I could have an appointment.

Thankfully, over that week the swelling began to go down, as did the pain.  On Monday, the day before we went to the specialist, my siblings and I went to a Civil war prison.  It had the coolest POW museum, and I enjoyed it.  I’ve been doing a lot of research for my book for NaNoWriMo, and POWs have been a huge part of that.  So, yeah.  If you don’t like grossness, things worse than nightmares, and that general stuff, POW research isn’t for you.  BUT it makes you appreciate our liberty, freedom, and the cost of that even more.

Anyway, we went to another museum, and outside of it they had those fun things that you can put your face to.


I’ll let you guess which on is me.  (Yep, we’re general Rebs. 😉 ) (Man, I didn’t know they had glasses back then. XD) (Our arms are showing, hahahah!)

So, at the specialist, the did another X-ray, and looked all over my hand.  I’ve torn my top tendon, and so?  I have the most wonderful BRIGHT blue splint that I’ll have to wear for three weeks.  But!  The good part is that I can still play piano…I just have a club on one finger. XD

That’s what’s been happening in my life.  Now, I must stop so I can do the last-minute things before NaNoWriMo begins.  Are y’all ready?


Another Liebster Award!

Yay!  Today I’m here to give y’all my own rambling answers to another Liebster Award.  I love awards and tags because I love answering questions.  Today Julia and Parker have tagged me.  Thank y’all so much!  Before we can get started, I will give you the rules.

1. Thank the blog that nominated you for the award
2. Answer the questions they gave you
3. Give 11 fun facts about yourself
4. Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award, and give them 11 questions to answer

Here are my answers to Julia’s Questions

1. What is your favorite music group?

Hmm, that’s really hard.  I love the Bontrager family singers, the Harper family, the Carr family, Southern Raised, Grey Havens, and the Church sisters.  I’m not sure which is my favorite, though.

2. What is your greatest vice about blogging or the blogosphere?

Looking at blog posts instead of writing speeches for rhetoric?  Not that I don’t like rhetoric, it’s just I get distracted.

3. What do you love about blogging or the blogosphere?

The community!  I love comments, and commenting on other people’s blogs.  I also really like stating my opinion, if you haven’t noticed, LOL.

4. What is a passage of scripture that has meant a lot to you in a moment of struggle or joy? Or if you haven’t experienced that yet, what is your favorite passage of scripture?

You know, as I went through times of trial, Scriptures like, “Lo, I am with you alway, even until the end of the world. Amen.” (Matthew 28:20), “Fear not, for I am with you, neither be thou dismayed, for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness.”(Isaiah 41:10)  Really encouraged me.  Any real, tangible promise that seemed like a whisper from God saying that I wasn’t alone.  And you know what?  I wasn’t alone.  And Romans 8:28 proved true.  Even though I don’t really know why the painful things happened, and why my life had to change, it did, and I am sure it was for good.

5. What would be your dream terrain to live in? (Mountains, beach, desert, etc.)

Mountains!  My dream is a small cabin somewhere in the Appalachian mountains, with cows around it.  Sounds simply lovely, doesn’t it?


6. What is your favorite season and why?

Winter.  For a long time, it was actually my least favorite season because I’m naturally cold.  Just always, at the weirdest times, cold.  But then I realized I like the leafless trees, the freezing nights, the opportunity to wear ten layers, and the chance of snow.  It makes me feel alive, while summer puts me to sleep. 😉


7. What is your favorite book and why?

Ooh, “The Wide Wide World.”  It’s supposedly a children’s book, but I have a thing for children’s books.  Besides, how can a 580+ novel be called a children’s book?  Why? *clears throat*

Ellen Montgomery is in the depths of despair when she is told that she must be parted from her loving mother to live with an aunt that she has never met, and the only thing that could make it worse has happened.  The doctor has told Ellen that if she doesn’t go to her aunt, and let her mother go over seas, her mother will die.  Faced with temptations, Ellen decides to rely on God for her strength…but will her resolve hold?

8. What is one country you dream of visiting?

Germany.  I want to feel, taste, hear, and smell Germany, and the culture there.  I want to be a part of it, and I want to learn enough German to speak it.  It’s a dream that will someday come true, but until then.  *sigh*

9. What is your favorite activity to do with your family?

Oh, singing, if my siblings cooperate.  A lot of times they don’t like to.  I could play the piano and sing almost all day.  It’s so beautiful!  And of course sing with my guitar, and without any accompaniment, and in the shower…I just love singing.

10. If you could choose between the weather being eternally rainy but the perfect temperature, and the weather being eternally sunny and cheery but unbearably hot (or unbearably cold, whichever is the opposite of your preference :D), which would you choose?

This is cruel!  Just plain cruel.  Obviously eternally sunny and extremely hot.  I love a good rain, and I adore snow, but I cannot endure one week of rain, let along ETERNAL rain.  😦 I’m feeling very blue at the prospect.

11. If you could have any animal as a pet, which would you choose?

Well, I’ve already tied to convince my parents to let me to bring a dog or a dwarf goat into the house, but don’t worry!  Those will be my pets when I get older, and have my own house.  Probably a highland cow.  They’re so cute.  Even cuter than a jersey.


And now my answers to Parker’s questions, BUT! Before that, go check out Parker’s blog here.  He’s the BEST pianist, and a very good writer.  Go follow his blog!

1. Do you prefer moonlight or sunlight?

Well, if you mean forever and after, definitely sunlight, but moonlight is pretty.  Especially if you’re out in the field on a full moon.  Talk about lovely!  And I suppose some folks say it’s romantic, but I don’t know.  Never experienced romantic, and have no hankering to, so I’ll stay with broad daylight.

2. What does your room look like on a normal day?

Uh, mostly clean, with a book, unfinished manuscript, and a few changes of clean clothing lying around.  I’m not super clean, but I’m not very messy.  Well, add a pair of shoes to that list, too.  I never put away my shoes because it takes too long to get them back out again. XD

3. What’s your favorite quote?

I don’t really know.  Can I quote myself? LOL. XD  Hmm, either,

“Aim at a high mark and you will hit it. No, not the first time, not the second time and maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect. Finally you’ll hit the bull’s-eye of success.”–Annie Oakley


Any woman who does not thoroughly enjoy tramping across the country on a clear frosty morning with a good gun and a pair of dogs does not know how to enjoy life.–Annie Oakley


I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.– C.S. Lewis


We must learn to regard people less in light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer.–Dietrich Bonhoeffer 

4. What book genre do you prefer?

Historic books, scientific books, biographies, and autobiographies are probably my favorite, but mystery and action adventure are really good.  Plus, I like authors like Louisa May Alcott and L.M. Montgomery, but I don’t really know what to call their style of writing.


5. Are long or short blog posts better?

The longer the better, obviously!  Haha!

6. Who’s your favorite pianist?

I’d be lying if I said myself, though I am really good, aren’t I?  Just kidding. 😉 Parker Hankins, Erin Bates, and Chelsea Bontrager, though I mostly listen to music without pianos.  (I know, terrible terrible terrible. ;P )

7. What’s one thing that drives you crazy?

You’re seriously asking my this?  If I believed in things about stars and nonsense, I would say I was born under a crazy star.  ANYWAY, my brother pounding out the chords on the piano, someone trying to sing with a song with the radio, or with the piano, and they just don’t have the song, yet, um…window wipers on the car when it isn’t raining enough, and so it just makes that horrid sound that makes your back shiver.  Um…Mostly constant, repetitive sounds, like someone smacking when chewing gum. ESPECIALLY SINCE I LOVE GUM, and these braces keep me from it.  😭

8. What makes you mad?

A terrible book ending, something that I looked forward to not happening, people not listening to my commands, mosquitos…

9. What’s your wildest dream for your life?

To be a performer.  People tell me I could do it…And boy, do I want to!  We’ll see. 😉

10. What is the longest book you’ve read?

Ugh, I hate this question.  To me, a short book is anything under 300 pages, so yeah.  Y’all get the idea.

11. What’s your favorite blog?

Haha, this question isn’t exactly fair.  I have so many blogger friends that I feel bad if I don’t say their blog is my favorite.  Um, we’ll just go with From Allison, because that’s the one that helps my Christian walk the most, though Maggie, Anna, Malachi, and Kate often have profound pondering that make me ponder all the more.

Random Fun Facts…


  1. I tend to get sillier and sillier, plus more energetic the later it gets.
  2. My favorite folk song at the moment is
  3. My favorite folk song changes every week.*
  4. I usually wear two pairs of socks during winter.
  5. I love hats.
  6. I’m listening to “The Battle On Shiloh’s Hill.”
  7. People tell me I’m my worst critic, but I don’t believe it.
  8. I’ve won Nanowrimo 2017.
  9. I’m really bad at fun facts.
  10. I usually skip fun facts.
  11. My fingers are very long and thin, and I often get asked if I play instruments for that reason.

*Folk songs aren’t encouraged, unless you don’t mind hell, war songs, drinking, and men being hanged.

I nominate…


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I gave up on the links.  Too many, guys.  Can I just be cheered that I actually named eleven bloggers?


  1. History book or Science book?  Why?
  2. What is better, having to color all day, or having to wash dishes all day?
  3. Do you use caps lock often?
  4. Lace, ruffles, or camouflage?
  5. What is you opinion on the all time classic, Pride and Prejudice?
  6. Botany or astronomy?
  7. If you had to choose a broken finger, or a broken toe, which would you chose?
  8. What is your favorite hair color?
  9. Do you enjoy crafting or destroying better?
  10. What is your favorite kind of tape?
  11. Lastly, if you knew some horrid event was about to happen in the near future, how would you go about warning people?

Over and out…